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28th January 2016
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Cygnus III is in Crete

Crete is an amazing island

I know it has been a while since we last posted anything on the Cygnus blog. We have been parked in Crete and I have to say in those immortal words “The news of our demise has been exaggerated”.

CreteIn fact, we have been busier than ever. We went into Agios Nikolas on Crete to ride out the winter winds and snow. Yes, we are in Greece but all around us the mountains are topped with snow. Now that sounds cold and it is .. well relatively speaking as there are plenty of people still swimming in the sea. I am not one of those people though as I have an affliction to shrinkage. I did put my foot in just to test it and it immediately shrunk from as size ten (that’s big in English) to a size two. Imagine if I went deeper and started dipping more valuable parts in…. no, let’s not go there.

So why the lack of updates when Crete is so wonderful and there are so many places to see? One reason is that we have been going out actually seeing these places. The scenery and history here is only beaten by the friendliness of the locals. Well that is when they are not shooting street signs but that is a whole other story.


The all new Cygnus III website.

The other thing we have been doing in Crete over the winter is totally revamping, nay, making a new Cygnus III website. That means exercising the brain and teaching it new lessons. Unfortunately, I have been give the “D” hat and made to stand in the naughty corner of the room. This website design stuff is not easy, especially when you sort of know what you want but just cannot seem to do it. The new website is totally different I promise and will have a couple of new exciting features. Well they are exciting to me but then again I get excited if I wake up each morning. Thinking about it though it would be pretty difficult to get excited if I didn’t wake up.

So, I would like to say that’s it but it isn’t. We have done, seen and taken part in some amazing adventures here on Crete and I promise I will let you know about some of them. That is all to come.

Now if anyone knows how to stop my stack overflow or my CSS getting stuck in the plug hole you may be a great help.

Have a wonderful 2016 and we will see you on the dark side or in Crete soon.

Mark and Angelina



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  1. Hi Mark! It has been awhile since I stopped by, now that I am here I have been catching up on your ‘witty’ humor As always you are great for a laugh! Don’t worry, I am sure you will eventually piss someone off, then your mission will be accomplished!
    P.S. I am in Florida for the winter enjoying my freedom on two wheels 🙂 be it on land or sea there is a freedom that drives us…

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