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Tom Cruise kicks Cygnus out of Carloforte

10th February 2014
Calaforte Cygnus Blog
Carloforte harbour

Cygnus III kicked out of Carloforte

Free pizza in Carloforte

We spent several very lazy days gorging on fresh pizza in Carloforte and getting used to our new adopted country of Sardinia or should that be Italy. The baker in the main square had taken us under his family sized Pizza Hut wing and showed us how they are made. He even gave us free pizza, not that we hadn’t eaten enough but a free meal is a free meal.

We also took Cygnus III out of the marina and parked her on the town quay where we could stay for free. We just couldn’t understand why Italy was in so much financial trouble with such friendly, smiling people giving everything away for nothing. Life was wonderful and we were trying to decide if we should just stay here forever.


Tom Cruise is not happy at killing the golden Goose

Tom Cruise about to kick us out of Carloforte

Tom Cruise coming to kick us out

The dream was shattered by Tom Cruise ( see photo as this is how he was dressed) and our own willingness to share. We had told everyone we knew and a lot of people we didn’t about the free town quay and they decided to come and join us. Tom Cruise then popped up (maybe he had been there for a couple of days but we just couldn’t see him without his platform shoes). He told us we would have to move as only one visiting boat was allowed on the town quay because of the forecast strong winds. They were worried the big ferries would swing onto us crushing Cygnus III and all those sleeping inside like sardines. (I had always wondered how Sardinia got its name.. well now we know). It is difficult to argue with Tom Cruise when he pretends he cannot speak English even though I saw him in Top Gun and know he can. He also got annoyed for some reason when I mentioned we had both killed the “Golden Goose”.


Which way are we going?

A couple of hours later we left Carloforte under protest. I had forgotten that I had been playing with my chart plotter to try and see how it works. I reasoned that after three years I should make an effort to try and understand it. Unfortunately I had not reset it so it was showing our position but not which direction we were actually going in. That really was not a good thing. There were a lot of very shallow patches between the island and mainland and the wind that was now starting to blow. Hornblower and Tree on Tinkerbell had been kicked out with us and looked to be having a wonderful sail. We were just trying to work out which way we were going.


Thunderstorms or bombing runs in Cala Negra.

We eventually reached a Cala Negra, an inlet at the bottom of Isola de Pietre. It was big and very sheltered so we anchored for the night. Hornblower and Tree came across bearing gifts of beer and amazing home cooked brownies. (Tree had a factory going on Tinkerbelle as everywhere we stopped she popped up with fresh hot brownies). That night we were also treated to one of the most fantastic thunderstorms we had ever seen. The sky was lit up in a huge ball of light. We just couldn’t work out if it was the biggest firework displays we had ever seen or Tom Cruise (Maverick) leaving his day job behind to make a few bombing runs in his F-111. The storm was a perfect sphere and went on way after we had gone to sleep.


We are anchored in a pizza. Santa Margherita di Pula

Not a pizza in sight

Santa Margherita di Pula

The following morning we set sail for Pula or Santa Margherita di Pula to give it its full name. Angelina was just happy to sail for anywhere which a pizza was named after. There was only one problem. On the way there was a very large cliff. It was shown as being off limits at various times of the year for the Italian air force to practice strafing or bombing runs. Now it became obvious. Tom Cruise had kicked us out of Carloforte the previous day so he would have something to aim at that night. We had fooled him by anchoring in Cala Negra rather than coming strait here whilst he dropped bunker busters all over southern Sardinia trying to find us.


A toast to Nichole Kidman

Top Gun in CarloforteWe had an amazing sail that day with Tinkerbelle and anchored in the large secluded bay at Paula for the night. Needless to say we had brownies and raised our glasses Nicole Kidman. Well she did kick Tom Cruise out didn’t she?

Although we really enjoyed Carloforte and would liked to have stayed longer I suppose that it was time to move on and see more of Sardinia.



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