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Time to leave Hull

6th May 2011


Time to leave Hull

Preparing Cygnus III to leave Hull

We arrived in Kingston Upon Hull on 19th of January 2011 to stay in the Marina whilst we prepared Cygnus and ourselves for the journey ahead.

It is now the 6th of May 2011 and well beyond the time we would liked to have cast off from our winter berth in Hull. We haven’t been idle though and used the time adapting to a new way of living.  We have also been able to see friends, relatives, added new equipment to Cygnus and serviced most of her systems for what lays ahead.


What have we been doing?

Cygnus III in Hull marina

Cygnus in Hull marina

As for ourselves we have not been able to sail as often as we liked but we really have been able to build up our tolerance levels to drink and learn to walk down a pontoon whilst strongly under the influence of some really wicked alcohol levels. This should put is in good stead for the times to come.

Jordan has become so mellow we wondered at one time if his bones were removed to allow him to be so laid back. He has become a real help in preparing the boat and enjoys the technical side.

Aiden is well, Aiden. He can either do things on fast forward or manyana mode with nothing in between. He joined a local football club, won man of the match so many times and his team, Hull Kingston Warriors won promotion. He has made many really good friends I know he will miss. Along the way he managed to collect a couple of girlfriends, has been to teenage night clubs, foam parties, ice skating, bowling and the list goes on. Out of all of us he will miss Hull more than anyone.

Angelina has taken to retirement like a duck to water and is now worried that she does not have anything to worry about. She still has problems walking past a shoe shop without slowing but at least she does not automatically find herself inside as she once did.

Me, I am just in my element and loving every moment.


We know the time is right to leave Hull.

Aiden and Angelina in Hull

Aiden and Angelina in Hull

We have stayed longer than we intended so Aiden could finish his football which he does on Sunday. After this it is time for our final goodbyes before we leave.

We have made some very good friends in Hull and although we may not remember some of the time we spent together (due to self-induced alcohol mist) we hope to see at least some of them again as they are also going to the Med.

The boating community is quiet close-knit and as everyone is in the same boat so to speak, they are always available for help, advice, a chat and yes a drink or two.

We will miss friends old and new but also we know it is time to leave to leave Hull City and let Cygnus take us where she will.



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