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Turf to Surf

Tales spun from dusty roads
And unforgiving seas

Turf to Surf

Tasha and Ryan are sailing around the world on their Fountaine-Pajot Helia 44 catamaran called “Cheeky Monkey”.

I think it is fair to say Tasha was born with a rucksack on her back and a compass in her hand. In Ryan she has found the perfect companion for her wanderlust.

Their website name “Turf to Surf” is a perfect describing many journeys both overland and living aboard two boats.

They travel so fast it is hard to know just exactly where they are but with a mixed bag for a crew they are getting around the world pretty quickly.

The Website

The Turf to Surf website is one I have been following for as long as I can remember which says a lot in itself.

Tasha has been writing the blogs and her easy, friendly and often humorous style is a joy to read. If something weird is going to happen it will happen to these two.

What does stand out is the enthusiasm Tasha has got for adventure and travelling. You are never going to tie her down unless you have a big hammer and plenty of long nails. Even then she will find a way to create a new adventure.

There is a vast amount of content on the website which is very informative. Now I do have to say that the “Turf to Surf” website itself has not really changed in all the time I have been reading it. This leads to it looking a little old and jaded in places. I can understand this as converting the huge amount of content to a new site is a thankless task.

They do have a new, sleek, modern website they have been developing for their round the world videos which I urge you to visit. (chase the story).

The photographs on the blog are good, plentiful and are often funny but the quality needs a little tweaking from time to time.

On the whole the website and particularly the content is excellent and should be one blog at the top of your reading list.


The Turf to Surf website is jam packed and one I always look forward to reading.

Good Points

  • Enthusiastic writing
  • Friendly and honest
  • Informative
  • Photographs

Bad Points

  • Website a bit jaded
Website Design

I have to say I always look forward to a new post on this website. They are always informative but written in a unique friendly and often humorous style. If something weird is going to happen it will happen to Tasha and Ryan.

I would certainly recommend it and give it a Cygnus review score of –


To visit the website follow the link below. You won’t regret it.

Turf to Surf