A website review

Sail Monster

I would like to tell you what the sail monster website is about but I fell asleep trying to find out.

Sail Monster

The site is subtitled “A home for the cruising sailor” but it may be that everyone has left to go out sailing.

I am sure that the website was built with good intentions but the workmen don’t seem to have taken the scaffolding down and never really got beyond the foundations.

It is difficult to know exactly what the site is all about and there are no clues given on the most uninspiring home page I have seen to date.

The Website

The Sail Monster website is certainly that and just hope you don’t meet it down a dark alley at night.

I think that it was originally designed for the cruising community to get together and share but, to have a community you need members willing to contribute and this is it’s downfall. It is a one horse town and even the horse has left.

It reminds me of an abandoned boat in a marina. At one time it would have been someone’s pride and joy but now the hatches leak and there is mould all over. It might be a fixer upper but it certainly needs lots of TLC.

I am not saying it is not a good concept but there is no real writing to speak of and even the odd photograph is totally uninspiring.

Would I visit the sailing Monster website again? errr..no.



At the moment I find it difficult to say anything good about this website but I will try.

Good Points

  • Original concept

Bad Points

  • No real content
  • Looks bad
  • Photographs
  • Looks totally unfinished
  • Little idea of what it is about
Website Design

As the site stands I could not recommend it to anyone and give it a Cygnus review score of –


To visit the website follow the link below. You may also need some rusty blades to play with your wrists.   Sail Monster website