Cygnus III is for sale

31st October 2017
Greek Hospitals
Oyster 45, Cygnus III

Oyster 45, Cygnus III for Sale.


One of the best sailing yachts ever built, our Oyster 45, is very, very reluctantly offered for sale.

We always knew the time would come when we had to sell Cygnus III, but we did not realise just how painful writing the words would be.

Anyone who is considering buying an Oyster yacht will already know that they are no ordinary boat. Not only are they built to take you around the world, but they will do it in comfort and head turning style.

A great performer under sail, the 45 nonetheless has a gentle motion offshore thanks to her balanced hull, fine entry, and the stiffness provided by her external lead bulb keel. The Oyster 45 is a proven circumnavigator, long distance blue-water cruiser and liveaboard, but due to her compact overall length she is also a great local family cruiser, as she is simplicity itself to handle.

Cygnus III has been our home for the last seven years and part of the family. She has looked after us and instilled a confidence in her ability to keep us safe in all conditions.

They say that you never regret the things you do, only the ones you don’t do. We have never once regretted our decision to buy Cygnus III and the adventures we have had together are ours forever.

She is now offered for sale and is ready to take her new owners on new adventures they too will never forget.


For a full details and inventory of Cygnus III please follow this link.

For photographs of Cygnus III and our adventures click on the images link at the top of the page.




  1. I was once in hospital with a minor problem in my 20s and next to me was a gentleman who was dying of cancer that night , He repeated to the priest – Why me , iv just retired , i have plans , why me , why now “. I am in my 70s now & that moment changed my life. Mark you and your lovely lady have had a full life and given great pleasure to a lot of people , thank you…Life is not a rehearsal.Enjoy.

  2. Mark, very sad indeed that you are selling your yacht. A great adventure you and your family have had. I hope you are going to continue one day soon. Need some retirement advice myself now!

  3. Hi Mark,, it was a long time ago we met in Hull and one or two tides have ebbed since, . . . . . about 10 years worth I think?
    So sorry to hear the end of your liveaboard days are in the twilight. I do know all too well how you will all be feeling. We sold ( only on the market 3 months) 18 months ago with extremely sad hearts, I did expect at the onset the only way I would leave the boat would be in a body bag!! These days I am suffering with arthritis. Since selling I have had one wrist screwed together and two complete knee replacements. Finding a 16+m 26+t yacht does not treat fools or the infirm with any respect at all, with just and the wife and I it was getting really hard.
    As for Greek hospitals I know what you mean. We now live most of our time in Greece and I have had dealings with their health service over the last few years. I must say I only have applause for the professional service and speed I have received from both state and private hospitals. OK some parts do have some misgivings but on the whole it works well for it’s patients in need but you do need a family and friends around to make it work. Good luck to you all for the future.

  4. I wish I could but I am stuck on land for a long time (Like forever). I have been away for a while so I haven’t read your blog for most of this year. i hope all is well with you and the family and that you find love in whatever you and the family choose to do next.

  5. I wish you all the best and thank you for your help and encouragement through the last few years.
    Good luck going forward maybe you’ll pick up a pocket yacht. I feel like millionaire on mine!

  6. She really is a beautiful boat, and whoever is lucky enough to become the new owner will never regret their decision! Good luck for whatever comes next Mark, hope all is well health wise, I know you had a bad year this year. All the best, Kevin & Dee

  7. you’ve had an amazing time in a beautiful yacht and i’ve really enjoyed your blog. sad that your adventure has come to an end.
    wishing you all the best for the future. Grahame.
    winsor of cowes. ipswich

  8. So very sorry your dream has come to an end. Maybe there is another dream waiting for you on dry land? I Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures.
    Good luck and very best wishes for the future.

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