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Naked Sailing

22nd March 2015
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Naked sailing


What’s this naked sailing all about?

Is it time to get your clothes off?

WatchingNaked sailing, nude sailing and girls sailing naked are some of the terms searched for most on the Cygnus III website. Obviously someone is not looking for my naked sailing pictures to make themselves feel better about their own body. Unless you are an Elephant trying to work out how I breathe through that thing you don’t have to worry.

68% of people sailing boats do so naked at some point. Now that’s a lot when you take colder places like Canada and the UK into the equation.  Take your clothes off there and the male bodily parts are liable to go so far north you will need an Eskimo and a team of Husky dogs to find them again. We men know shrinkage is not something we want or need so the warmer the water the better.


Why would you want to get your clothes off?

So what is it about sailors that cause them to get their clothes off at every opportunity? Certainly if they were at home I doubt that most would walk around the house and garden naked. Now put those same people on a boat in a bit of sunshine and before your partner has the chance to say “You will look like a sundial”, the clothes are down round the ankles.

We have forgotten how many bays we have anchored in where everyone around us is naked. Usually I have no objections whatsoever unless we are anchored next to that boat where all the men aboard seem to find something on the deck they need to continually bend over and pick up.


Give that body a good iron

Stay out of the sun

Give that body a good iron!

If you ever imagine naked sailing you may well picture a bevy of young perfectly formed and firm bodied people who could make the cover of “Vogue” magazine. Although there are some like that the reality is that nude sailors are liable to be well into their middle age, overweight and wearing skin that could do with a darn good iron. The only magazine cover they would make is “Whale Watch Monthly”.

Now I have to say here that when we set off from the UK in sixty layers of clothing and wet weather gear we had never really thought about naked sailing. As we got further south and nearer to where the butter melts we began to wonder if there was someone going around all the boats stealing people clothes.


All in the name of research.

Naked sailing lookoutI needed to find out more about this naked sailing thing and the best way was to join in. (If the thought of me naked is still in your minds in ten minutes I know of a good therapist).

Initially the clothes came off when we were out at sea or on very dark, warm nights. There was something about taking your clothes off in the fresh air that felt “naughty and exciting”. When the “Ugly Body Police” did not come hurtling round to arrest us we became more used to freedom we felt. Gradually it began to feel more natural and as long we were in an anchorage far enough from other boats not to offend them then it became normal for us to swim and shower naked.

It is said that naked couples actually stay together longer and get on better. Don’t ask me where I got that one from but I believe it has something to do with feeling more comfortable and at ease with each other. Then again I also wondered if sailing was better that sex and found plenty of reasons why it might be.


So what are the advantages of naked sailing?

  • Well for a start it cuts down on the washing.
  • You get rid of those silly white skinned triangles that look ridiculous.
  • You don’t have to decide what to wear.
  • It feels good.
  • Putting the suntan creme on your partner is much more fun.
  • Getting dressed up at night for the ladies only means getting the hedge cutter out for a quick touch up.


The disadvantages are:-

  • Woman cooking naked

    When sailing naked don’t cook bacon!

    Getting sun on those parts that are not normally exposed can be painful.

  • Don’t cook bacon naked! (Don’t ask me how I know).
  • No pockets but I have seen people with enough excess skin to keep a small family car hidden in their folds.
  • Beware of winches, ropes and any part of you that dangles in the boat gear as they don’t mix well.



Sea folk law.

Naked women calm the seas

The good thing about having a naked woman on the boat (besides the obvious) is that according to sea folk law her breasts are supposed to calm the seas. That is why many figureheads on boats depicted a bare breasted woman. I often remind my wife of this if I see the merest wisp of a cloud. Then again telling an angry woman to calm down works as well as trying to baptise a cat.




Navigating takes real balls.

You see, sailing naked is not a new phenomenon but it can also be very useful. The male Polynesia navigators used to find their way around the Pacific with amazing accuracy. One of their methods was to dip their testicles in the water to detect swell and current. This may be fine in the warm waters of the Pacific but should not even be attempted in colder latitudes. It may of course explain why women get lost at sea so easily.


Where can I go naked sailing?

Licence for naked sailing

Have you got a licence to sail nude?

Nude sailing is now so widespread that you can charter yachts or go on cruises that specifically do naked sailing holidays. There are numerous websites specifically for photographs of nude sailors. You can find a whole marina in Croatia where clothes are optional. Personally I found that being on your own boat or swimming or naked sailing is fine but shopping in the buff for the meat and two veg does not have the same appeal. Besides where do you put the cucumber?


Show some consideration.

Husband and wife

Always think about others

Although I am a convert to naked sailing I certainly believe it should be done with due consideration towards others. They may not want it thrust in their faces if you will excuse the pun. Nudity is not for everyone and just because you want to do it does not mean everyone has to witness it.

This blog is obviously from the male point of view and if I have learn one thing it is that male and female points of view usually differ somewhat.


How to impress a woman.

Compliment her, cuddle her, kiss her, caress her, love her, stroke her, comfort her, protect her, hug her, wine and dine her, buy gifts for her, listen to her, respect her, stand by her, support her, go to the ends of the earth for her.


How to impress a man.

Terrorists and beer

Arrive naked … with beer.

If you wish to see our collection of sensual sailing images you can find them by clicking on this link.

Do you like to get your clothes of at the first opportunity or is it something you would never do. How do you feel about other sailors being naked near you? This my personal take on naked sailing but why not leave a comment below as your views matter far more.



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  1. Love your blog. Way to go.
    I did over 12.000nm between Nova Scotia and Trinidad over the past 10 years, usually gaining that ‘all round’ tan. Mostly solo. Where might I look for compatible crew for a Bahamas cruise this spring?

  2. My wife is a full time nudest. When she comes home from work. The first thing she will do is strip naked. She does all her housework and yard work while nude. When we take out our boat. She will not even take a swimsuit with her. I don’t even know if she even owns any swimsuit. She loves being nude. She doesn’t even care if anyone sees her nude. I can’t get her to wear clothing.

  3. My wife and I always sail in the nude. We have a 38 ft Hughes, when we have guests they usually will join us for a nude swim at a remote anchorage and then dress for the weather the rest of the time (we spend Nov -April) in the West Indies.
    The Francophones usually anchor just out of swing distance, they are almost always nude. the Anglophones, usually anchor miles away, the germans anchor wherever they want with out regard to who was there first, Then there are the charterphones and you want to be a long way from them as they don’t know how to anchor

  4. In healthcare the human body is viewed from a different perspective. All People have beauty if you look. Wrinkles will come to those who love life and the sun. Beautiful men and women are appreciated. Sailing in any form is hard work and rewarding on a level that you do not get from a speed boat. Terribly over weight people do not sail. Sail on

    1. Keni, you make a good point and it is an individuals choice. Naked sailing is liberating but that does not mean we have to do it in front of others that don’t want to see it.

  5. “Certainly if they were at home I doubt that most would walk around the house and garden naked” hmmm I disagree… Lots of people walk naked in their houses and then only reason they don’t do that in their garden is because they could potentially be arrested. Now place them in the middle of the ocean and such concerns are no longer.
    Second if we are talking about ‘naked sailing’s as the title of your article suggests, how come there are no male naked sailors in the pictures?

  6. Ah how I do love to gaze upon a full moon…. That’s the one in the sky not the one of the person doing touch their toes exercises whilst anchored too close!!!

  7. Just discovered your blog thru FB. Love the thoughts on naked sailing. Disagree about the bacon though. The best way to cook bacon is over low heat w/ no spattering. Being naked encourages setting the heat lower. Keep Sailing.

    1. Ken, thank you for reading the blog on naked sailing and thank you for the comment. It is good to have you aboard as it were and seeing as you are here can I have a couple of lightly boiled aspirins with my bacon.

  8. Thanks Mark, as usual you make me laugh. We haven’t done too much of the naked sailing since moving aboard Happy Dancer – me mainly ’cause the little one’s still breastfeeding and takes every exposure as an open invitation to latch on – which means we couldn’t get on with the rest of the day. Sailing in Turkey this summer we’ll observe how many layers we can take off without inflicting the local laws and customs… defo heading for the remote bays though. Where are you sailing to after Ragusa and when? Would be great to catch up in person soon. Only 60nm between our boats! Best nudie wishes from the Happy Dancing Crew still in Malta for another two months;) x

    1. Dini, I don’t have the same problems as you when naked sailing. We did anchor of a commune once in Spain where morning and night a big group would come onto the beach and do their Yoga naked. This year we will be mainly in Greece but probably Turkey for a bit and then wintering in Greece. Yes it would be nice to say hello and share a few drinks.

  9. Hi Mark, good post – we love doing this… the naked thing… well semi-naked – jocks on… The warm breeze over your body, very sensual! Definitely no clothes on for swimming at anchor! We are antisocial and like non crowded anchorages, so no one cramps our style. But unlike you guys, we have found we are generally the only ones to jump overboard in the nude if other yachts are around. May be the Aussies are a bit prude?? We have also found that when friends join us, it doesn’t take long for the gear to come off… regardless of age or shape! Everyone finds it ‘liberating’ and besides, there is not enough space on board to be shy about nakedness.

    1. Chris. You are right of course on so many points. Being in Europe we have found that some countries get naked far more readily than others. I don’t think the Germans and Dutch even pack clothes on their boats. Us Brits take time to come around to it but we tend to get there eventually. It all comes down to where you are, the temperature and your mindset. As I tell my wife.. It is only kinky the first time. Certainly, being naked in the sun is far more potent than Viagra.

  10. I used to swim naked off the boat with my Mother 40 years ago in Greece. Loved it. It wasn’t about showing off your body, more about enjoying feeling water all around you and not having tan lines. Would do it now, but don’t want to have to pay for anyone’s therapy. People are too hung up about body image. We all have odd bits, but it is good just to accept how we are.

    1. We totally agree with you Kate. We will be in Greece next year and know they don’t judge you as much there and you can swim naked in some beautiful bays. Just looking forward to summer.

  11. Hmmmm let me think… Scotland sailing naked anytime? Nah!
    Naked sailing and self-taiing winches? Nah!
    Naked sailing and self-taiing wenches? Now there’s a thing…

  12. Great write-up! I don’t generally sail naked….yet. Probably because right now I’m limited to inland lake sailing and I don’t wanna have to explain to the (other) cops that “It’s normal to sail whilst not wearing anything covering my nether regions!’

    Oh, and cooking bacon while naked is something that shouldn’t been done whether aboard a voyaging vessel or a land-based home. I learned that the hard way also!


  13. Love it! Sailed naked at night – Asia – so hot! Loved your take and your summary…. oh and the new look site – good job all round 🙂 PS you forgot to say ‘buy her chocolate’ – slacking Mark!

  14. We don’t sail naked (while sometimes Nathalie swims naked around the boat, I never do that – I’m rather the neoprene kind of guy). I wonder why, I suppose it’s the years of sailing in Britanny, with clouds, cold breeze and 14° water that never gave us the idea of getting (un)dressed that way. And still, my father-in-law tells me each time we happen to see each other “you make me think at Tabarly, naked on his sailboat…” Well, I suppose it’s all because I’m not as good a sailor as Tabarly, but as a minimum I always keep a T-shirt on, and shoes, or at least, sandals. As you say, there are a lot of metal pieces on the boat that can make meetings with your toes really painful…
    Fair winds to you, Mark, hope weather is better on your part of the Med than here, in Oriental Morocco.

    1. Gu sur Roz Avel. When we sail through Brittany it was far too cold but the Med in summer is totally different. The sea is warm and in the sun you feel so much different. Fair winds my friends.

  15. LMAO great post. You are absolutely right, naked is “freeing” Lucky there are no “ugly police” lurking when I go for a dip in my pool.

    I am not a sailor, but I wonder if there would be an interest in Naked Motorcycling… on second thought… I will just stick to the pool…

  16. Great write-up!! We just had an encounter with a naked sailor in St. Maarten. We had just dropped the hook and were thinking we were a bit close to our neighbour. We were contemplating moving when he stood up and asked us politely if we were a bit close to him. Seeing that he was naked – and really shouldn’t have been……..we quickly agreed, pullup up the hook and re-set it 100 yrds away

    1. Neil,
      It is really strange that. If I went out naked and told the boat anchoring they were too close they would move strait away. if my wife went out naked they would just smile and anchor closer!

  17. All this time I thought people were landing on my blog with “naked on boat” and similar search words because of my “Naked Boat” title. I didn’t know there was so much naked boating happening. Another entertaining and informative post.

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