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Lagos in a Lesbian Submarine

2nd October 2012


Lisbon and Lagos in a Lesbian Submarine

Lisbon was our fly paper and it took a huge crow bar to get us out for our sail down to Lagos. We would have been very happy to spend the winter there but October was not winter in Portugal, the sun was shining and there were more places and experiences to be had.


Back at anchor in Cascais

An early start was needed to cover over 120 miles or so to Lagos on the Portuguese Algarve the following day. It would be another long sail but, with a good night’s sleep at the anchorage in Cascais it was nothing this intrepid crew couldn’t handle. As it was the wind decided to blow up. I didn’t sleep too well and wanted to make sure the boat was still in the water rather than sunbathing on the beach in the morning. I shouldn’t have worried as when we hauled the anchor up it came freshly engraved with best wishes from Bruce and Sheila in Australia.


Sailing Cygnus III to Lagos

25 de Abril Bridge on the Tagus river in Lisbon

Aiden sailing past Lisbon

The sail to Lagos on the Algarve was amazing. We have never seen so many dolphins at one time. They were literally everywhere and at one point we counted about thirty swimming and jumping together around Cygnus. I am pretty sure that the first dolphin we ever saw back in Brest was there shaking its head and saying “How the hell have you motley crew managed to get this far?”

At 0400 in pitch black we rounded the Cabo de Sao Vincent point onto the Algarve. The wind really picked up and I mean really picked up for about 10 minutes or so before almost disappearing altogether. The temperature also rose as we hugged the coastline towards Lagos. For the first time in a very long time the incessant Atlantic swell that had rolled Cygnus on every journey died down.


Submarines on the Algarve

It was then I had another one of my shaky head moments. In the darkness there was little around apart from a few fishing boats and life was wonderful with more stars than could be found at Elton John’s birthday party. A few minutes later I looked around again and there was a bloody great, nah, huge submarine at the side of me. Where it came from I have no idea but slipping along silently in the dark it was an eerie sight. Now, I would have taken a picture but black submarines in the night don’t tend to show up too well and using the flash would I am sure, have got us a broadside of tiger fish torpedoes.

As dawn broke once again the suns warmth hit our faces and the cliffs and caves along the shoreline came to life. It wasn’t long before we were able to run up the small canal and under the raised bridge into Lagos marina. It had taken almost 24 hours but it had been an astonishing sail. It was also time for a couple of hours rest before we took in the sights of our new surroundings.


Lagos is beautiful but …..

Angelina at the entrance to Lagos marina

Angelina at the entrance to Lagos marina

Lagos is or was a beautiful Algarve town until the Brits came and colonised it. Everywhere were signs for “Full English breakfasts” and every second boat in the marina seemed to be British? For some this might be an idea of heaven with everything in English and the sun toasting their bodies at the same time. For us it is just not what we wanted. There were Brits everywhere. Considering we were also on winter rates for the marina it was supposed to be cheap. I say supposed to be as the rates were the highest we had been charged all year. We decided one night was enough and we would leave Lagos quicker than Usain Bolts soap in a men’s prison shower. Before we left we had another walk round the city and one of the most surreal things happened……


Kissing lesbians in Lagos

Whilst in Lagos A local Spanish girl came up to us and said “I hope you don’t mind but I would just like to say that you two make a beautiful couple”. Now we have seen our fair share of people asking for money but she didn’t look homeless and granted, her approach was original and flattering so I began searching in my pockets for some loose change. She continued on about how good it was to see beautiful people smiling, laughing and looking so happy. By now I was slowly looking for the paper stuff in my wallet in case she had some more very accurate insights. Now, the compliments flowed like Flamenco dancers dress as she began to focus more on Angelina. (I put my wallet back in my pocket).Then, out of the blue and in front of me she asked if she could give Angelina a Portuguese kiss (I didn’t know if this was similar to a French Kiss). Angelina said yes and as she promptly kissed her on both cheeks. Then she asked if she could give her a Chinese kiss as well. Kisses on both cheeks and touching noses (slowly I might add) followed. By this time I was deciding whether I should be worried or run back to the boat, have a quick cold shower and plump up the pillows on the bed as the man thing to do. Then she asked if she could kiss her seven times. This time it was once on each hand, once on each cheek, the forehead, the eyelids and the nose rub. (I know that is eight but she snook one in somewhere). By now we could see exactly where this was leading. Knowing how Angelina is so polite and hates to offend anyone I just invited the girl back to the boat….


Home video of our lesbian encounter.

Before your mind starts racing ahead that is the last thing we would do. We made some very quick excuses and locked our lesbian friend on the other side of the marina gates very, very quickly. The trouble was, had that been a man I could have done the gentlemanly thing and let him kiss my fist a few times but what do you do with another woman? Answers on a postcard to playboy please!

French Lesbian Kiss in Lagos

French Lesbian Kiss in Lagos

Oh and before you ask the high-definition lesbian videos are on sale for a special rate. Pamela Anderson’s home movie is like “Postman Pat” compared to this one.

I have also come to terms with the fact I am in fact a lesbian trapped in a man’s body but I am going to have to live with it.

If you want to see more photographs of Lagos you can find them here



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