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Inbetweeners and witches in Mallorca

15th October 2013
The Cygnus III guide to looking at it differently
Palma Nova, Mallorca, Spain


Inbetweeners and a party boat in Mallorca


Sailing from Ibiza to Mallorca at night

Sailing from Ibiza to Mallorca at night under a star strewn sky is an amazing experience and one that everyone should try at some point. Add to this a warming summer wind, and the fluorescent glow of the wake behind you. The sails are full, powering you along with only the sea whispering sweetly in the background. It is one of those perfect moments in life we all strive for.

As the sun went down we left Ibiza to sail through the night to Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. The genoa had been temporarily fixed, thanks to our South African friends, with plastic ball-bearing pellets from their gun. An ingenious idea.


Palma Bay and a bucking rodeo horse

punta Negras in Palma Bay

Our first anchorage in Mallorca

By dawn we could clearly see Palma Bay and made for Negras, very near to Magaluf. We anchored after the ten-hour sail in shallow water near to the beach. Our son Jordan had a friend coming out the next day and we needed to find a way to meet him from the airport. We also needed to stock up on food so we were dropped ashore in the dinghy.

When we came back an hour later the wind and swell had really got up. There were rolling seas breaking in front of Cygnus and she was bucking like a rodeo horse. David fought through the waves to collect us in the dinghy and managed somehow to get us back to the boat. We were totally drenched by now but had to move the boat quickly before we bounced on the bottom or were washed onto the shore. Trying to get 16 tons of boat through surf and out to sea is not an easy task but Cygnus III did as she always has and saw us through safely.


Anchored in Palmanova

We motored the short distance to the crowded bay at Palma Nova and anchored again. During the night the sea and winds subsided and the following day we could laze about and swim before going to the airport.


The Inbetweeners party boat

The Inbetweeners party boatWe knew we were near to Magaluf on Mallorca because of the “party” boat that came out and anchored in the bay. It was full of young people and blasted out music the whole island could hear. They also had a very loud DJ who encouraged everyone to remove clothing and play drinking games. What he was saying left nothing what so ever to the imagination as we got a running commentary of various acts going on. I was just annoyed as people the on the boat kept obscuring my view through the binoculars. The party boat and location were used in the film Inbetweeners.

Angelina went to the airport to collect Jordan’s friend, Aiden and within five minutes of getting back they were in the water swimming.


 Santa Ponza and the wacky French witch

The next day we left the bay and the noisy Inbetweeners party boat to go round to a long sheltered Cala at Santa Ponza to anchor. There we met David and Samantha who we knew from La Linea. Whilst having refreshments on their catamaran they told us about an alcoholic French woman on a nearby boat who believed no one should invade her space. As they were telling us this a Pedalo obviously got to close. She ran on deck with a broom and did her best to decapitate poor Mr and Mrs Holiday maker. Angelina though it was hilarious, which it was, and goaded another pedalo to go close to her boat. Out she ran again cussing and swearing at the top of her voice and waving her broom around. We have never seen anything like it. Apparently the boat rarely moved but probably because they were never in a fit state to do so.


Dragonera but only anchor in the sand

barbacue dragonara

After a night’s sleep at anchor we moved on again to catch up with Mark, Jane and the boys who were anchored behind a small island in Dragonera. It was the first of many times around the islands where we were told we could only anchor in sand as they were trying to conserve the sea grass. The town had kindly put out numerous anchor buoys. We could tie to them if we wanted to pay 40 euros which we didn’t as we have a very good anchor, thank you. We hunted round and eventually found a small patch of sand and Jordan hit the mark. The conservation man in the boat seemed upset that we had managed to actually find some sand and were firmly anchored in it. No doubt after we left he would throw a few turfs of sea grass down there.

Dragonera, Mallorca is picturesque, quaint and expensive. I knew this by the price of a bottle of beer which had become my way of working out if somewhere was expensive or not. Later that day our old friends Jane and Mark on Gemini sailed in. That meant barbecue on the beach time. We had a wonderful night as the sun went down. I do have to confess to dropping all the sausages in the sand but after a quick wash and reheat no one was any the wiser or too drunk to care.


Sailing to Soller

Mallorca temperatures are hot

Angelina finding some shade

After a day’s recovery, which involved lots of swimming, we set off from Dragonera on a long sail around the north of the island. There were not many safe overnight anchorages on the way so we knew it would take a long time. It was hotter than a vindaloo in the Sahara desert and we were glad to eventually reach the port of Soller where we anchored. Mallorca was a different Island to Ibiza and from what we had seen so far we loved it, well apart from the Inbetweeners party boat.




Not many people know of this interesting fact!

In 1872 the Welsh invented the condom, using a sheep’s bladder.

In 1873 the British somewhat refined the idea by taking the bladder out of the sheep first.

Have you been to Mallorca or on a party boat and what did you think of it?



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