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Finding Cygnus III, our new home.

20th October 2010


Cygnus III, our new liveaboard  home

Finding the perfect liveaboard boat

I don’t know how old I was when I felt the need to buy a boat and sail off into the sunset. I know I was very young and I know that need has never left me. I cannot say why I have always wanted to liveaboard a boat. It was just something that cried out from inside me. Along the way I met my wonderful wife Angelina and told her that one day I would be selling my home to liveaboard a boat. Luckily enough she has stuck with me and my dream became our dream. During the intervening time Angelina provided the crew in our two boys, Jordan and Aiden. Together we set out to conquer the world but first we needed a boat to do it in.


Oyster 45, the perfect liveaboard boat?

Between us all we spent a long time talking about what we needed from a boat and what would be the best liveaboard boat for us. There were so many out there and we needed to get the right boat that could carry us around the world.

After a year of looking for a boat to buy and liveaboard we found that Oyster was one of the only boats to fill all our basic criteria (safe, pilot saloon, three cabins and easy to sail short-handed).

Our perfect liveaboard boat. An Oyster 45 called Cygnus III

Oyster 45

We visited Ipswich where an Oyster 45 known as Cygnus III had sailed in the day before. As soon as we saw her we knew that she was right for us. There is just that feeling there and it is like you have known each other all your lives. We knew that she was probably out of our reach financially and even if we could get the monies together time was against us. We tried to forget her but reviewed our plans and put the house up for sale. If we were going to sail we were going to do it properly with no ties and besides it was the only way we could afford the type of boat we now wanted to buy.


Looking at as many liveaboard boats as possible.

Whilst we waited for our house to sell we looked at so many boats of all types and sizes but Cygnus III had set a bench mark we could not get past. We did keep checking the Oyster web site and even visited Ipswich several more times to view similar boats but she was still there waiting for us. What had we missed that others had not and why was she still there?

Nearly a year after we first saw Cygnus III we received an offer on our house and accepted. In turn we worked out our finances several times and put in an offer to buy Cygnus III which was eventually accepted. The dream was beginning to take shape.


Boat Survey of Cygnus III

We had Cygnus III and her rig surveyed and feared the worst expecting the results to say she would sink immediately she was shown the water. Instead the surveyor found only one real fault. When I spoke to him he said it was one of the best boats he had surveyed and if I didn’t want it he would buy it.  In his dreams! This was our dream and we were not letting go.

Cygnus III, our new liveaboard home in which we hope to sail the world

Our crew on Cygnus III


Is living aboard a boat the right thing to do?

So here we are, just moving out of the house having sold or given away most of our possessions and moving onto our new floating liveaboard home, Cygnus III, for the foreseeable future.

So many times we have doubted if we are doing the right thing but we also knew if we didn’t do it we would all spend the rest of our days thinking of what might have been.

We all know that my pension and the money we have set aside will not last forever. One day (later rather than sooner we hope) we will be totally broke and will have all have considered murdering each other. What we also know is that our sons will have memories of Cygnus III, the world and hopefully us that will last for their lifetime and the stories will be passed on.



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