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Viveiro and the snorting waitress

18th April 2012


 The snorting waitress in Viveiro


Headaches in Viveiro, Spain.

Writing these blogs about Viveiro and all the other places we have visited can really cause big headaches. Right now I need a lightly boiled aspirin washed down with a poached paracetamol.  I will explain why:-

We went to the bar in Viveiro yesterday morning to upload this blog via their Wi Fi and have a cup of wonderful Excalibur chocolate. We call it Excalibur as unless you are King Arthur it is impossible to get the spoon out the chocolate it is so thick. As I was stood on the table with the cup gripped firmly between my feet to try to stir it I came face to face with a big 6’7” affable Austrian named Andreas. Angelina stood in amazement examining his knees. Then along came Beth and Adam who were both British and were his sailing companions aboard their boat Maverick.

They had sailed down from Falmouth direct to Viveiro just for the sake of it and were due to return as soon as the weather improved. Well since that initial meeting we have all been suffering severe headaches mainly because we have tried testing so many wines and beers. Well it would be rude not to when six take out beers are about one pounds fifty and a bottle of wine can be bought for as little as eighty pence. The crew of Maverick became wonderful company and we wish them well on what we know will be a rough trip back across Biscay.


We need Noah’s ark

Since we have been in Spain it has continually rained. At the moment there is a big Atlantic swell of over 7m and being at sea is not the place to be. It has got to the stage where animals are queuing up two by two on the dockside just waiting to climb aboard.

dangerous cat

Dangerous cat

We did have to send the cats to the back after we caught them telling everyone else it was a private party and they knew the doorman. They were also found to be carrying an assortment of concealed weapons including a castration kit for dogs but that is another story.

The local weatherman on TV being was being asked if conditions would improve. His reply was “Yes, absolutely, I promise they will improve. By July”. Well at least he was honest.

Just to add to the air of depression Angelina’s mum rang and casually mentioned in passing about a close relative’s autopsy. Now this came as a bit of a shock as the person in question was young and as far as we knew, alive and kicking. We were already looking for ways to get home before we discovered she meant biopsy.


Viveiro is a real Spanish town

We are enjoying our time in Viveiro as the people here are so friendly and do their best to help. It is not a tourist resort so we actually get to see the real Spain and there is no stuffed donkey, sombrero or dangling castanets in sight. That is unless you count my attempts to get undressed when donkey and dangling castanets do spring to mind. Well in my imagination anyway.

After 7pm the little streets and alleys are teaming with families just wandering around and socialising. The bars give you the equivalent of a three course meal of various tapas foods if you buy a beer costing about a pound. We were considering going to a bay to anchor for a few days but there are two big gales forecast for next week and we would prefer to be somewhere more secure. At the moment Viveiro in Spain is just perfect and there is still so much to see and eat.


Climbing San Roque

viveiro Galicia

San Roque rest

Angelina decided that mountain climbing might test my heart a little more so off we set to conquer San Roque which I will describe as a mountain that looks over the town of Viveiro in Galicia, but others might say it is a big hill. This entailed an hour and a half going upwards toward the gods along a rock strewn track through Eucalyptus forests and cascading waterfalls. This is fine for Angelina as her size 3 feet are like a mountain goats. Much to her dismay my old ticker stayed as regular as a taster in a laxative factory and we conquered the peak. Was it worth it? Oh yes. The views were as stunning as the surroundings. There were stone barbecues, tables and a beautiful old church. We were a little disappointed that having crawled up rock faces and through bushes on our hands and knees we found there is a road that goes to the top. We did it the proper way and we have the scars to prove it.


The hills are alive with the sound of snorting ribs

San Rouqe, Viveiro

On top of San Roque, Viveiro

Whilst there we also happened to find a bar that did the best flame grilled ribs we have tasted although ordering them had the place in stitches. We could not get the waitress to understand so I ended up pointing to my ribs which she then understood. She then started “Mooing” and “snorting” to see if we wanted cow or pig. It is the first time we have “oinked” and “snorted” our order but it was hilarious for the locals and worked.

Coming down the mountain was far more fun although harder on the legs than going up. In the wonderful surroundings there was only one way to finish off a perfect day. Now where’s the beers, time for another big headache in Viveiro!

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