Meet Angelina and Mark

The Crew of Cygnus III

"Wouldn't thou" the helmsman said "Learn the secrets of the sea?"
"Only those who brave its dangers, comprehend its mystery"

All about Angelina, Mark and Cygnus III


Angelina is undoubtedly the lynch pin around which we are all motivated and driven. She has the social skills of a President seeking re-election (yes she will kiss your baby). She naturally knows how to make people smile and laugh until the tears run down their legs with her razor-sharp wit. Most of all she does it whilst still being all woman.

She never has a bad word to say about anyone, unless it is Mark, and can always find the best in any person. She will do everything in an unselfish way often to the detriment of herself, always considering others.

She also looks darn good in a bikini or less.


Mark is allegedly the sailor but he will fully admit to hanging onto Cygnus whilst she decides where they go. Although there have been numerous books written about the mistakes sailors make he has added a few chapters of his own.

Mark does have a few sailing qualifications but he soon realised that on an extended journey such as this they mean little and your last mistake is your best teacher.

Would he change his lifestyle for any other? Not a chance for he believes this life is perfect, well most of the time.

Mark still has ambitions ……

  • The first …………….is to see the world by sailing around it.
  • The other nine …. relate to his wife Angelina who just says “no chance”

Cygnus III, besides being our boat is also a star constellation, deriving its name from the Latinized Greek word for swan. Now that may be all well and good but our boat is an Oyster. I suppose that a swan depicts beauty and elegance in the water where as an Oyster just sits there on the bottom admiring the inside of its shell … Well enough trivia, here is some sensible information about our boat:-

Cygnus III is an Oyster 45 designed by Holman and Pye. She was built in 1996 by Landamores in the United Kingdom and launched in 1997.

With three double cabins plus the saloon her accommodation can easily sleep eight. Her center cockpit and spacious deck saloon make her a delight to live aboard. She also has two heads and showers aboard along with a work room. Her sailing performance is enhanced by her fin keel with a high profile bulb that makes her stiff and responsive.

Cygnus III has proven to us time and time again that no matter what the conditions she will keep us safe and comfortable. I don’t think there has ever been a time when she has had problems no matter what the weather which is more than can be said for her crew.

There are more images of Cygnus III here.