Cygnus III

Cygnus III

Dream Sail Live

We are liveaboards on our boat Cygnus III sailing around the world. I don’t know where we go from here but I promise you it won’t be boring.

We needed adventure so we went

Sailing around the world

There are not that many people who get to live their dream.
Ours was to sail around the world. We grabbed it with both hands and hung on.
You can live your dream too.
The door to the world is open waiting for you to step or sail through.
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About us and our liveaboard life on Cygnus III

About Mark and Angelina
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As we sail around the world

We want you to feel part of this incredible sailing journey and know that you can contact us at anytime. We will always answer your messages or comments so grab a life jacket and join us aboard Cygnus III as we sail around the world.